Talks & Workshops
Illuminating Joy, Harnessing Power, Cultivating Solutions

Practical Joy

Awaken your group to their potential for relieving stress and unlocking their personal Joy. Practical, real life skills are built resulting in a more creative, supportive group dynamic.

Inspiring Artistry

For artistic professionals and educators. Focused on discovering the root of artistic inspiration and expression. Expand ideas about how artistry can be cultivated and taught while gaining practical tools.

Cultivating Creative Solutions

For groups that are preparing for challenges or reorganization and need to create an environment that encourages innovation and new solutions.

Tailored for Your Group

Workshops and Talks can be tailored to your groups challenges. Please feel free to contact Colleen for more details.

It's really rare to find someone who is able to help you without interfering with your own point of view, and Colleen's special gift resides in this: to help the people to bring out the best they have from themselves. I suggest you to seek her advice with my highest enthusiasm, she is AMAZING!
Massimo Sammi
Jazz guitarist and composer


Colleen is terrific--creative, resourceful,
sensitive, and smart! 
I recommend her--YES!

Angela Beeching
Independent Consultant
Beyond Talent Consulting
Author,"Beyond Talent:
Creating a Successful Career in Music

Colleen's simple, loving approach to life is evident in everything she does. The map she uses to navigate this world is different than most. Where some see pitfalls and road blocks, she sees challenges and opportunity. Where some use a compass, she uses her heart.

Rodney Raftery