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One is not truly an adult until one finds her voice. For 12 years, as an opera singer in training, I was consumed with learning to make beautiful sounds with my voice. However, it wasn't until I realized that having a truthful voice was more important than having a beautiful voice, that I actually found my voice. I was 27. 

In finding my voice - a voice that is willing to speak my truth - I discoved that I had been making myself small because I feared letting my full self out to others.  I was "in the closet" so to speak...  I was living a lie by trying to be what I thought others expected me to be instead of who I truly am.  Not only did this slow down my growth as a human being, prevented me from confidently bringing my talents to the world and and caused a disordered relationship with food...reflecting my disordered relationship with myself.

My story is not particularly unique. Many people are raised to think that there value is connected to how well they can bend and adjust to the needs of others. We place ourselves last on our priority list often glorifying our righteous self neglect.  I have witnessed countless people, abuse themselves while believing that it makes them a good _______ (employee, mother, wife, son, etc.) This pattern of neglect is passed along from generation to generation through external expectations and criticisms.

I believe in happiness and I believe we create it. We are the entrepreneurs of our own life and we can take responsiblity for ourselves. Our lives are self created. Victimhood is an illusion. We can create our life to reflect our values; a life that is rich in health and happiness.  

I received my health coaching training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. I have a Masters Degree in Vocal Performance from New England Conservatory where spent I countless hours understanding and practicing the complexities of human expression through song. As a continually evolving singer I have studied the physical body and psycholoy as applied to performance and sound. Drawing on my training and life experience, I will help you create a personal “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

If you are a highly competent person with an artistic temperment who is seeking more meaning, joy and balance in your life, then I am likely the coach for you. I love helping my clients to boldly claim their lives, creating that which reflects and embraces who they are.  In this process, health and contentment come right along for the ride.

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