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Use money to serve your life and your values. Come out from under debt and learn to make your money work for you.

We live in a hyper-consumer culture. It is by design in that we feel we must have more and newer and better stuff - our economy needs us to consume. So, we are encouraged to work hard or long hours at sometimes unfulfilling jobs in order to buy stuff that does not reflect our values or contibute to quality of life or happiness.

I train my clients to understand spending from a creative perspective. We eliminate spending that does not increase quality of life, we emancipate money from bills & focus on what I call "values spending".

We have choices and quite often all we have to do is take a good look at our bills & expensesthrough a new lense... the lense that puts quality of life first.

Most Americans carry credit card debt, loan debt, car debt, cell phone contracts, rent or home payments, health insurance. It's can feel as though we are trapped. Learn how to values spend and experience a higher quality of life.

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Create a strategy to develop a career that suits your lifestyle and life goals. Redefine what success means for you.

I specialize in coaching creative artists and musicians about how to estableish a life & income that is both sustainable and enjoyable.

Musicians and other artists often have to do several jobs while they hone their craft and establish their artistic career. In our training we are often not prepared for this reality. I help my clients discover how they can create careers that utilize their skills, meet their needs and allows their artistic life to flourish.

During these two sessions you we will clarify your needs and goals, discover what might be blocking your flow, and develop a stragegy that will set you on career paths that serve your creative life and meet your financial needs.

Whatever is most important to us is indeed attainable. But we must clarify what we need, what we want, and what will increase our well being and our creativity.

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Discover how you can live the lifestyle you want within the life you already have. Stop waiting, start now.

Do you ever feel that you won't be happy until you accomplish ____, or earn $____, get that perfect break in your career, lose 10 lbs, etc.?

I coach my clients to stop waiting and start living. Do you want to travel, but don't feel you can? Do you want to live in an nice place, but you can afford one? Do you want free time but can't find it?

So much of what we want is already availble to us. Discover how to enhance your life now without changing your job or where you live. Stop waiting and start living. During these two sessions you will clarify what is missing in your lifestyle and discover how you can have what you want now.

Define and structure your life, schedule and environment to fit what you want. Together we will put together a plan. The lifestyle you want is attainable. Let's get you started.

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